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Our exceptional flooring solutions can help breath new life into any domestic or commercial properties

From infinity flooring/stone carpet to spray granite and flake flooring, at Fifty Five Resins we can help pick the ideal solution for your surfaces. Get in touch with our team today and enquire to reimagine the surfaces in your property with epoxy resin solutions.

Infinity flooring/stone carpet

A wonderful alternative to traditional carpet or wooden flooring, infinity flooring/stone carpet is a beautiful, durable solution available in a wide selection of colours and designs. This collection of natural and coloured stones makes for a striking, unique finish which helps bring life to any room within your property.

Combining the wear resistance of tiles with the decorative finish of a carpet, stone carpet flooring is perfect for any client wishing to install a unique, long-lasting, slip-resistant surface for bathroom and kitchen areas. Due to its high heat retention properties, stone carpets are compatible with underfloor heating, making them a great option for modern properties.


Flake flooring

Ideal for wet areas like bathrooms, shower rooms and changing rooms, flake flooring is a decorative, waterproof solution utilised by homeowners and commercial premises owners to great effect. This low-maintenance, anti-static solution won’t crack, chip, peel or stain, and will not harbour bacteria. It is also guaranteed to remain its original colour, retaining a seamless, striking appearance for longer.

Spray granite

Fifty Five Resins is also available to spray granite with reliable epoxy solutions in the exterior or interior of your property. Used by both residential and commercial customers, this technique helps you completely transform existing surfaces, creating a dynamic new look as efficiently as possible with minimal fuss.


Enquire with Fifty Five Resins today and secure a quotation for epoxy resin flooring solutions in Enniskillen & Omagh and across Northern Ireland & Ireland.